About us

Zeb shoes started out and is still done as a hobby for shoes enthusiasts.

On this site you can see the gallery of what is possible and as

these shoes/boots are made for enthusiasts there are myriad of options and details that can be adjusted for each enthusiast.

Zeb shoes/boots are made at the workshop that has around 7 people altogether working on them.

There are two lasters, a clicker, two to three ladies that stitch and connect uppers and a welt stitcher, so only around 3-7 made to measure pairs can be made in a month.

It takes 30-35 working hours to make a pair they’re fully handlasted, hand clicked, only stitching on the welt is done by an old mechanical Frobana machine. Even shoe bags are made to measure, one by one and every couple of months we choose a new material for them.

All shoes/boots come in linden tree boxes made in a small workshop in Hungary  

Leathers that we generally work with: calf and scotch grain (Du Puy tannery France)  museum calf (Carli tannery Italy), suede (Mastrotto tannery Italy), horsehide (Cloe and Maryam tannery, Tuscany, Italy), shell cordovan (Horween Chicago tannery, USA), as well as some exotic leathers

So far we have shown our models to a wider audience on a  Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm and in future we plan to take part in more trunk shows


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