About us

Zeb shoes started out and is still done as a hobby,

as it is not a business we're not concerned at how many but what type of shoes/boots are made.

¸They're shoes/boots for enthusiasts and as there are myriad of options and details that can be adjusted for each enthusiast so far there has never been exactly same pair done, they all have some differences.

Zeb shoes/boots are made at the workshop that has 7 people altogether. There are two lasters, one clicker, three ladies that stitch uppers and a welt stitcher, so only around 6-10 made to measure pairs can be made in a month.

It takes 30-35 working hours to make a pair they’re fully handlasted, hand clicked, hand connected (sole to the upper), only stitching on the welt is done by an old mechanical Frobana machine. Even shoe bags are made to measure by a tailor, one by one (after each pair of shoes/boots) and they're transported in linden tree boxes   

Leathers that we generally work with and can be used on any model are: calf and crust calf including grains (we use Carli and La Veneta tannery), suede (Mastrotto tannery famous around the world), horsehide (Maryam tannery from Tuscany, thick but soft and extremely versatile) and shell cordovan (Horween Chicago tannery). For exotic leathers please contact us.


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